This large sector covers the production and sale of consumer goods, as well as various consumer services including electronic commerce and health care. Since 1996, Baring Vostok funds have invested over $400 million in 13 companies from this sector.
Family Doctor

Family Doctor

Network of clinics in Moscow
Moscow, Russia
Year of initial investments:
Blocking stake

Modern network of outpatient clinics for children and adults in Moscow. The network operates in the middle price segment. 

Growing demand for quality private health care services in an affordable price range allows rapid development of the network.

BVPEF IV investment in 2008 allowed the Company to build new clinics.

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10 July 2019

Media Statement.

At today’s hearing in the Basmanniy Court the defense lawyers for Ivan Zyuzin and Vagan Abgaryan announced a motion to disqualify the judge after spotting the ruling for the hearing on the judge’s desk before the hearing had even completed.
09 July 2019

Media Statement.

Today’s decisionby the Basmanniy Court to prolong the pre-trial detentions of Maxim Vladimirov and Philippe Delpal was unfounded.

08 July 2019

Media Statement.

Today the Basmanny Court once again prolonged the house arrest of the founder of Baring Vostok Michael Calvey, without any legal basis for the arrest.

14 June 2019

Media Statement.

Baring Vostok funds are very concerned about potential violations with the bank’s formal approach to meeting the Central Bank requirements, and about continuing issues with Vostochny’s asset quality that may require an additional RUB 10-15 billion of provisions be created.
21 May 2019

Media Statement.

BVCP statement on the decision to deny Philippe Delpal’s appeal regarding the form of pre-trial detention.
17 May 2019

Media Statement.

BVCP statement on ruling by Amur Court of Arbitration.
06 May 2019

Media Statement.

BVCP statement regarding court refusal to change form of detention for Michael Calvey.
29 April 2019

Media Statement.

BVCP statement concerning the rejection of appeal against prolongation of the pre-trial detention.