News has been acknowledged the fastest Russian federal internet provider


According to Net Index , telecom operator is the fastest federal internet provider in Russia. The average internet speed that provides to its Subscribers in 42 cities of presence amounts to 35 Mbit/sec., which is more than two times higher than the average internet speed in Russia (about 16 Mbit/sec.).

In four months (since May to September) the average internet speed offered to Subscribers grew 1.5 times, from 23 Mbit/sec. to 35 Mbit/sec. The significant growth was driven by the launch of a new line of internet service plans and the increase of speed to the existing Subscribers.

The material increase in internet speed became possible due to a large-scale upgrade of telecom networks built from scratch in each city of presence according to the “fiber-to-the-building” technology. All of the company’s networks follow a consistent standard, according to which the throughput within the backbone and aggregation is 10 Gbit/sec., to the building is 1 Gbit/sec., and at the subscriber’s level – up to 100 Mbit/sec. The networks are reliably backed up, and their operability is subject to 24-hour monitoring from the unified Monitoring Center, which allows for proactive response to possible failures. The company’s failure resistance is 99.9%, at the level of the European telecom market leaders. These and other factors allow to reliably satisfy the Subscriber’s needs in almost unlimited amounts of information.

"The continuous growth of internet usage poses new requirements to operators in terms of access speed, and we are ready to meet them. Currently, the minimum speed, which offers to new Subscribers, is 50 Mbit/sec. This allows viewing any type of most "heavy" content on several devices simultaneously without any loss in picture quality. Thus, outpacing federal internet providers, established a new speed standard for broadband internet”, says Mikhail Vorobyev, Deputy General Director on Commerce of CJSC ER-Telecom Holding.

With 2.3 million internet-users, occupies about 10% of Russian broadband market.



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